Have you seen a card that

Comes Alive?

Every connection is pleasant and exciting.

Just like a breath of fresh air.

The first of its kind


Not just a name,

but your entire identity.

A slow death is torture.

Trees are one of the most valuable treasures for our environment. By mindlessly laying waste to our planet, we’re condemning Earth to a slow and painful death.


15 trees are cut down every 60 seconds to print business cards. That’s 7.8 MILLION trees every year! Worse, 88% of business cards are thrown away and wasted.

Let the museums keep it.

When only 1 out of 10 business cards are kept, it’s a sure sign that conventional business cards are no longer effective.

The ROI value is disappointing when considering the time, cost, and effort needed for the production of conventional business cards.


Outdated info leads to risk of misrepresentation or identity fraud.


No real-time data collection and updates for Customer Relationship Management.


A stagnant layout cannot attract and hold attention.

The Evolution of


1300 b.c - China - formal announcements to let the local people know of a coming Royal Visit.

1600 a.d - France - Visiting Cards/Calling Cards, were distributed by footmen of royal families. Popularized by King Louis XIV

Year 1800 - Europe (Industrialism Period) - social etiquette before announcing arrival

Year 1900 - Modern Day Business Cards - exchange common information such as name, title, phone, address, email, and website link.

Year 2010 - Digital Business Cards - scan, manage, and sync existing paper name cards.

Year 2018 - BrandCard™

ZERO is a mobile-first, entirely digitised BrandCard™ platform.

A BrandCard™ is the new generation in the ability to represent from a single individual's personality and original craft, up to an entire company's brand identity.

Assemble your ideal profile and make the winning first impression.


Our Sound Wave Technology is pitch perfect.

   First impression matters. That’s why we want you to deliver the perfect pitch every time for your career success.

   With one button, ZERO activates ZeroWave, a state of the art Sound Wave Technology, to exchange your best portfolio.

   Everything you need fits in your device, and anything you receive is stored safely so you will never lose the time, date, and occasion for any contact.

A solution for every occasion.

Super simple to use. Super quick to do.


Connect with non-ZERO users.


Connect with ZERO users.


Broadcast to ZERO users with speakers

Make it cool. Make it you.

BlackCard & WhiteCard

At work, be professional


Your perfectly crafted resume is ready to go. Represent your true corporate identity.

Make it cool. Make it you.

BlackCard & WhiteCard

After work, be yourself


Customise with your best personal content. Stand out with your skills and interests.

Share your unique voice. Listen to the echo.

Social Platform

Stay connected with the latest pulse from all your contacts.

Update and celebrate your career advancements with our PostCards.

One small click, but a giant career leap.

Search Engine

All your career moves are mapped out, from search to social to success. Find any service, profession or industry with our search engine.

Quick and trustworthy. That’s Data Integrity.

Rapid Registration

Efficient and easy.

We provide integrity and security so every identity is authenticated

Numbers don’t lie. You can count on us.

Valid and Verified

No more trust issues.

Each company has its Identification Number that is verified by the Registrar of Companies. Every contact is made for your peace of mind.

Just like a brain. Now you have two.


Store. Analyse. Utilise.

Quality data recorded, examined, and presented to you in meaningful and easy to read reports.

Evolving with time

" An individual’s unique persona is too illustrious to be confined to a piece of 2D card. Why don’t we showcase our true identity in a whole new dimension since there’s no hiding in this high-tech era? Don’t settle, keep evolving. "

- STEVE KOH, Founder of ZERO

3, 2, 1 ....

15 trees are lost every 60 seconds to print business cards.

Let's countdown to ZERO

And make a beautiful world.

Join us on our countdown to


About Us

CodeZero is a technology company based in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia offering a digital platform to connect people and businesses, with the vision of conserving the environment and reducing waste.

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